photo by Monica Byrne

photo by Monica Byrne

The Delta Boys...

...make good cheap theater with work and words that move both us and audiences.

...toe the line between spontaneous/organic vs. structured/productive, or flexibility vs. "gettin' shit done."

...collaborate in whatever iteration we can fit ourselves into to locate a good script, and then produce it. we've come to reject directorial hierarchy; we share tasks and responsibilities evenly according to our strengths, and we honor each person’s contributions.

...mindfully include everyone’s voice and vision into the process. we listen intently to each other as performers and collaborators, and communicate both our support and disagreement with respect and compassion. 

...dig into joy. we're doing a play, we're playing with each other! and our shows are us playing together in front of an audience.

...have big love for each other. which leads to trust. which leads to a feeling that anything's possible onstage. yeehaw!